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High-Build Three-Part ESD
Epoxy Floor System

StaticWorx High-Build ESD Epoxy is a three-part ESD floor system designed to meet the static control needs of of today's high-tech and industrial environments.

StaticWorx High-Build Epoxy is formulated to meet ANSI/ESD S20.20 requirements for electrically conductive flooring. Because of its superior thickness and abrasion resistance, the durability of StaticWorx High Build can withstand the demands of forklift traffic and pallet jack use common in many industrial areas. The composition of StaticWorx High-Build Epoxy make it suitable for use on most substrates including new and existing concrete slabs as well as existing wood and vinyl floors.

Part Name Coverage
Top Coat 1-gallon (200 sq. ft/gallon)
Primer 1-gallon (200 sq. ft/gallon)
Conductive Ground Plane 1-gallon (300 sq. ft/gallon)
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Technical Documents

Installation and MSDS info (PDF)