ESD Flooring maintenance

Floor Resistance Test Kit

The complete kit for measuring and certifying floors to ANSI/ESD 7.1

Staticworx Floor Resistance Test Kit
  • Measure resistance to ground
  • Measure resistance point to point
  • Measure temperature and relative humidity

 The Floor Resistance Test Kit was designed for measuring resistance of flooring in accordance with ESD Association Specifications. Included in this custom kit is the SWX-812 constant voltage, wide range ohmmeter with data logging and calculating capabilities. Fully portable and battery operated, the SWX-812 measures resistance from <0.1 to 1.0x1012 ohms with measurement accuracy of ±5%. It can be operated in fully Automatic, Automatic-Manual and Manual modes. Fully automatic, the SWX-812 controls test voltage, resistance ranging and electrification period to make the most accurate and repeatable measurements available to ESD Auditors and technicians. The included cable spacer set insures proper 36-inch point-to-point measurements each time. These convenient tools easily slip over the probe handles to properly align and measure for you.

The SWX-801-W electrodes are precision milled resistance probes with conductive rubber pad for use with the SWX-812 Resistance Meter. The Digital Psychrometer is a highly accurate, battery operated temperature and humidity indicating instrument. Its large LCD displays both temperature and humidity measurements simultaneously.

A STAT-GUARD ground adapter plug is included in your kit as a convenient attachment to a functional ground circuit. Its intended operation is to provide an ESD ground path to a previously tested receptacle for the instruments and personnel during audit operations. It is not intended as an electrical circuit tester or monitor. The STAT-GUARD plug is manufactured by Ideal Industries, Sycamore, Illinois.

A new addition to this kit is the Floor Test Manual. This manual gives you step-by-step instructions with illustrations on performing floor measurements in accordance with ESD S7.1. It also provides instructions for performing Body Voltage Charge Generation and Body Voltage Decay with additional Accessories available.

All instruments and accessories are packaged in a molded case for easy access and storage.

What's Included

  • Digital Psychrometer
  • Ground Adapter Plug
  • Cable Spacers Set - 36" & 10"
  • 5 lbs Conductive Rubber Electrodes (2)
  • Instrument Set
  • Operator's Manual
  • Accessories Box
  • Carrying Case with Handle
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