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Dissipative Floor Sealer

Advanced floor finishing solution for Static Control floors for companies wanting to reduce discharge of zinc in waste water.

SEAL may be used as a stand alone product to give static dissipative properties to any flooring surface.  For a high shine finish, use StaticWorx Seal as a base layer with StaticWorx COAT.

Part No. Description
5503P 5 Gallon Pail
5503G 4 Gallon Case
5503Q 1 Quart (Sample Size)
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Important Safety Feature Safe Walking Surface

Staticworx® SEAL provides superior electrical properties along with a safe walking surface. To ensure employee safety and to mitigate user's liability exposure, it is important to use floor finish that has been successfully tested for slip resistance, and is properly applied and maintained. StaticWorx SEAL is a Zinc-free product.

Technical Documents

MSDS info (PDF)
Specs (PDF)